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Pastalini Food Processing

A leading manufacturer of pasta products in the Gulf.​

Pastalini Food Processing is a Dubai-based company established in 1995 by world-renowned pioneering firms in automatic pasta production lines. It managed to capture a substantial share of the UAE market with the launch of its first brand, Al Khaleejia, in March of that year. ​

In an endeavor to cater to the unique requirements of different market segments, Pastalini introduced different brands in various packaging solutions. By 1998, it had successfully completed the commissioning of its new long cut pasta line. At the time, this plant was of the three most sophisticated plants of its kind in the world, producing a wide range of pasta shapes and brands. In 2003, Pastalini proceeded to add a new line of special pasta shapes including lasgna, canelloni, nest and other types.​

Today Pastalani is one of the leading manufacturers of an expansive variety of quality pasta products marketed globally.​

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