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I am delighted to share with you almost a century of achievements. Since our father Baba Hassani founded the company in 1912, the values of integrity and entrepreneurship, as well as a relentless dedication to service by a group of the most competent people, have been our keys to growth.

In 1995, I had the vision of building a global group that would earn a solid reputation for providing world-class quality products and services, giving my people the opportunity to improve their quality of life and contribute to the sustainable development of the UAE and the region as a whole. Together with my sons, and a core group of devoted, talented professional managers and team members, we went about building on a vision with passion, perseverance, and integrity.​

Over the years we have also been fortunate to have formed partnerships with world-class brands in all our fields. Partnering for success is a core strategy of our business, and one of the reasons we maintain loyal customers and associates. Indeed, all of these factors have contributed to the Hassani Group of Companies and has secured its leading position in the regional market.​

These are tough and challenging times for the Middle East as well as the global economy, but they are also exciting times.​

At Hassani Group of Companies, we believe in innovation, commitment, and transparency. With the advantage of our local and international presence and knowledge, our highly skilled team is currently expanding the Hassani Group of Companies beyond the Middle East region.​

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and partners for their long-term loyalty and support. On behalf of the whole team at Hassani Group of Companies, I invite you to join us for our centennial 100 years of dedication, reputation, and success.​

Thank you,
Mohammed Hassani


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