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Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

Inspired by the food crisis that currently plagues the world, the Hassani group of companies established its first food manufacturing operations in 1984 under Hassani Food Industries. With manufacturing being our driving force, we have become one of the foremost FMCG conglomerates in the region, leaders in food solutions in several countries, and owners of the first and largest canning plant in the UAE.​

As the largest one-stop food manufacturing facility in the region, estimated at 2,150,000 square feet, we cater to several countries around the world through innovative product customization according to cultural and demographic barriers, with a global reach of over 50 countries.​

We specialize in a wide variety of food categories manufactured under one roof, including tomato-based products, dairy, desserts, pasta, oils and beverages. Our flagship brands are Safa, Melody, Donia, Buno and Al Khaleejia. ​

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