Hassani Group of Companies

Business Sectors

Hassani Group prides itself on its first-class services, prioritizing customer satisfaction and reliability across 5 sectors of operation.​

Trading & Distribution
Our Trading & Distribution sector is responsible for the wholesale and distribution of a wide selection of goods and services throughout the UAE
Hassani Trading Company
Pioneering distribution company in the UAE dedicated to FMCG wholesale & distribution.​
Takamol Packaging​
A one-stop packaging solutions facility.​
Technoman Building Material Trading
Distributor of high-quality building materials.​
Food Manufacturing
Inspired by the food crisis that currently plagues the world
Hassani Food Industries
Leading regional food manufacturing company offering a range of FMCG products.​
Hassani Baby Food And Milk Powder Production Factory
First baby food manufacturer, and one of the largest, in the UAE.​
Crown Dairy Industries
Leading manufacturer of dairy products.​
Crown Food Industries
Largest Tomato Paste factory in GCC
Crown Vegetable Factory
Canned Food Manufacturer.​
Crown Edible oil Factory
Edible Oil Specialists. ​
Pastalini Food Processing
A leading manufacturer of pasta products in the Gulf.​
Seaworld Fish Processing​
Wholesale distributor of fresh, cured, or frozen fish and seafood.​
Dhofar Fisheries and Food Industries Company Oman
The first fish processing plant in the GCC and one of the largest in the Middle East.​
Greens Desserts UK
Pioneering distribution company in the UAE dedicated to FMCG wholesale & distribution.​
Takamoul Afrique Senegal​
A joint venture company that produces and exports tomato paste and sauces into neighboring West African countries.
Prime Fisheries Socotra
Largest fishing facility in Socotra, Yemen.​
Industrial Manufacturing​
At Hassani Group, our commitment to exceptional standards of goods and services has placed us in a leading position within the industry
Crown Paper Products Factory​
A leading corrugated cardboard manufacturing company in the UAE.​
Gulf Printing and Publishing LLC
A folding boxboard supplier working with renowned FMCG companies.
Technoman Plastic Factory
A manufacturer of plastic products.
Technoman Industrial Machinery​
A state-of-the-art workshop for manufacturing industrial equipment and for the maintenance of Hassani Group factories.​
Element 26 Engineering​
A dedicated manufacturer of Airport Ground Support equipment (GSE) in the Middle East​
Crown Cans Industry​
First fully-automatic commercial metal container manufacturing factory in the UAE​
Ugarit International
A furniture manufacturer and one of the largest wood factories in the UAE.​
Fusion Interior Design
Design, contract and project management for turnkey bespoke projects in Dubai.​
Lamia Garments
Clothes designer and manufacturer.​
Crown Medical Requisites Factory​
Medical equipment manufacturer.​
Crown Detergent and Disinfectant Factory
Manufacturer of chemical products and cleaning supplies.​

Hassani’s Services sector caters to a wide variety of organizations, offering services in the lines of logistics, clothing, fishing, warehousing & cold storage,

Modo International General Trading LLC

An LED lighting solutions provider.​


A leading industrial solutions company in the Middle East.​

Al Quoz Cold Store​

Leading storage providers for fresh fruit products.​

Transitor Garbage Disposable Services​

Waste transportation services for hazardous and non-hazardous solid and liquid waste.​

Transitor General Land Transport Services​

General land transport company in UAE

Takamol Transport Dhofar Oman

Transportation service provider.​

HDX Auto Repairing​

Vehicle repair center​

Socotra Trip​

Tourism agency in Socotra ​

Real Estate and Contracting​

Inspired by the robust growth of the real estate sector in Dubai, Hassani group of companies ventured in the late 1930

Hassani Real Estate​

A leading real estate company in the UAE responsible for managing all real estate properties owned by Hassani Group.​

Technoman Contracting​

Established to centralize all existing maintenance groups under one management,