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Shiseido Day Spa

The Shiseido Day Spa welcomes you to relax, rejuvenate, and re-energize with our collection of facial & body treatments unique to the Japanese experience.

The Shiseido Day Spa provides clients with a generous selection of over 40 treatments and cures that adhere to Shiseido’s values based on detox, relaxation, boosting circulation and positive energy by focusing on the body’s Tsubo points.

Divided into Collections for the Face and Body, our treatments for women and men are uplifting and rejuvenating journeys. The Facial Collections include a foot bathing ritual, deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation and mask. The Body Collections are a complete indulgence of the mind, body and soul, and include deep and unique massage techniques that allow the body to relax and unwind while boosting lymphatic micro circulation.

The attention paid to clients, the treatments, the interior, the design and the devotion of the beauty therapists are all geared towards their satisfaction, sense of serenity, and feeling of well-being.

All of our treatments use hot Japanese towels – Oshibori – to enhance relaxation, preparing the skin preparation to receive Shiseido’s advanced products. A true celebration of luxury at its most prestigious.

The Shiseido Day Spa also offers bridal packages, makeup sessions, and makeup classes.

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