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Our Way

Malia symbolizes the glorious rising of the Phoenix.
In Latin, it means to strive, to rise and to be the first.
The Ancient Germans used it to describe hard work and industriousness.
Malia Group draws strength and inspiration from these timeless wisdoms.

A guarantee of the ever-lasting hardship and persistence of the Group, the Phoenix logo highlighting the “M” reflects the continuous growth the Group has witnessed, even during difficult times. Like the Phoenix that rebirths from fire, our Group expands in times of crisis too.

Our mission is to ensure that through our performance we continuously excel our stakeholders’ expectations and build on our reputation as a leader in various sectors.

Our vision is to be a regional leader in various sectors that is recognized for its ingenuity, efficiency, professionalism and governance.

Malians believe in and approach their responsibilities with a keen eye on our 5 values:

Modernity:We strongly believe that it goes hand-in-hand with growth and productivity enhancement. We constantly focus on offering innovative products and services. We keep on increasing our automation level and our talents benefit from on-going advanced capability building programs.

Ambition:We dare think that we are different. We venture into new projects and succeed by constantly stretching our potential and horizons. Consequently, we create enough opportunities for our people to fulfill their ambitions in accordance with our company’s mission.

Leadership:True leadership is the main driver of all endeavors, and is not limited to performance or the conquest of new market shares: it is an attitude. We value innovation generated by our people through fresh ideas, creativity, and a sense of ownership.

Integrity:Honesty, respect and trust: in the Malia family, we know that we can rely on each other for every one of these traits.

Ardor:Our Group is driven by an inner passion to pursue and carry out each activity to its fullest in order to reach the desired outcome. Success is the fruit of determination and self-discipline.


Our eternal principlesMalia Group’s strong foundations are built on the ideals encapsulated in our values. We are a group of companies that functions in a state of constant progress with a keen eye on the future. We understand that prosperity is earned by hard work, openness and commitment. As such, we value the individuality of each team member and their contribution to the overall success of our conglomerate. Furthermore, we prize innovation in all its expressions.

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