• Our History

    Hassani Group’s first commercial activity in the UAE was established in  1912 when Mr. Baba Hassan Hassani founded a small convenience store to supply basic amenities to a scarcely populated Dubai.

    Our group pioneered the supermarket concept in UAE and in the early 1950’s Mr. Mohammed Hassani established Hassani Trading Company (HTC), which laid the foundation for what is known today as Hassani Group of Companies (HGC), a fully diversified group with over 35 different subsidiaries employing over 6,000 employees in various countries around the globe.

  • Baba Hassani founded a small convenience store supplying basic amenities to scarcely populated Dubai.

  • His Highness Late Shiekh Rashid Al Maktoum inaugurated the first Hassani Supermarket which became the first chain of supermarkets in UAE.

  • Mr. Mohammed Hassani established Hassani Trading Company (HTC), which laid the foundation for what is known as today as HASSANI GROUP OF COMPANIES.

  • Hassani group became the agent of Kellogg's breakfast cereals and cereal bars.

  • Hassani Food Industries was the first manufacturing unit established by Hassani Group of Companies in UAE, the factory initially started to process nuts on added products such as Semolina, Oats, Instant Juice, Jelly, Cream Caramel, Cake mixes and desserts to its production lines.

  • Hassani Tea & Herbs Factory was established in 1988 and it produce leading brands of Tea and Herbal drinks in powder form, with a wide variety of flavours and packaging.

  • Hassani Baby Food and Milk Powder Factory was the first milk powder packing factory in UAE and is currently one of the largest in the region. The factory uses the most advanced and hygienic technology available in the industry and packs products in various sizes and packaging. 

  • Hassani Real Estate was established to manage the properties owned by the group, and accumulated a sizable portfolio of various buildings, villas, shops and warehouses of different sizes, locations and budgets within the UAE and abroad.

  • Crown Food Industry was established and started production of Tomato based products, such as Tomato Paste, Ketchup, Hot Sauce, Chillie Sauce and later added Mayonnaise, Salad Dressings and Honey production lines. Today Crown Food Industry is the largest Tomato Paste factory in GCC.

  • Crown Can Industry was the first can making factory for processed food in UAE, with the capacity to produce more than 1 million cans per day in assorted sizes. In additions, the factory has complete in houses design, printing, coil cutting and can components.

  • To take advantage of he construction boom in the region, Hassani Group established Ugarit International to produce Doors, Kitchen cabinets, Vanities and Wardrobes using highly sophisticated technology. Ugarit has successfully supplied products to many of the major real estate development projects in UAE, also exports products to many countries around the world.

  • Hassani Group of Companies launched Lamia Garments, a leading embroidery and textile factory that produces large selection of fashionable Nightgowns and Lingerie, successfully exporting it to the Middle East and countries such as France, Japan and Canada.

  • Technoman Contracting and Al Abraaj Al Wataniah, general contracting companies were established to operate in three sectors Mechanical Engineering, Civil Works and Steel Structure the purpose was to centralize all existing maintenance groups and teams under one management and offer its service as profit center for the group and third parties.

    Crown Dairy Industry was established to enter an important segment of the dairy market for products such as Evaporated Milk, Sterilized Cream, Sweetened and Condensed milk, and within a short time the factory has successfully managed to capture large market shares from long existing brand leaders and have also launched equally successful products such as Yoghurt drink, Flavored milk, set yoghurt and many more. 

  • Transistor set up a land transport company with its own fleet of cars and trucks to boost the group's logistics efficiency and provide third party services. Transistor is equipped with hazardous and non-hazardous solid and liquid waste collecting trucks and also involved in rental of heavy duty equipment to contracting companies.

    Hassani Group of Companies fully acquired its pasta factory which produces the second leading brand of Pasta in UAE. Pasatalini Food Processing factory has state of the art production lines producing Pasta in various shapes, types and packaging, along with well established market shares both in UAE, Middle East and Africa.

  • Technoman trading was established to supply building materials to the booming construction industry in UAE, specializing in furniture hardware as well as consumable tools and parts for wood working industry.

    Hassani Group of Companies wishing to expand, they invested Roofico in Africa. Hassani Group acquired shares in one of the leading Milk Powder packing factories in Nigeria, giving the group access to a large customer base in Nigeria and West Africa.

    Hassani Group of Companies took Gulf Printing Press a leading printing press in Dubai, as part of its strategic move to diversify the group's investments in various sectors of the economy and provided yet another dynamic member to its group.


  • Technoman Engineering was established to provide full mechanical/electrical technical support also maintenance of the factories we operate in UAE and abroad. In addition to that unit has successfully managed to build essential machinery, replacement parts and even improve the functions of several existing machines and adapt them to the local climates and uses. Technoman Engineering also overlooks the commissioning of all the new machines and plants.    

  • Hassani Group of Companies is proud to announce its corporate revamp which includes the complete reconstruction of its corporate identity, corporate book to complete marketing plan.

  • Hassani Group of Companies will complete its transfer from Al Quoz industrial area to its new facility in Dubai Investment Park.